Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Modern peach and blue Granny Blanket

As I made this, I felt like I was creating a series of triangles nestled in between each other which to me, gave the blanket a modern feel, hence, the name. Either way, this works up fast and is fun to memorize and pick up easily where you left off. 

So here is the pattern:

Chain 3 + 1 to however wide you'd like the blanket. I usually do somewhere between 32 and 36 inches wide for a baby blanket.

ROW 1: 1 dc into 4th ch from hook, *sk next 2 chs, 3 dc into next ch*, rep what's in between the astricks * ending last rep with 2 dc into last ch, turn

ROW 2: Ch 3, 1 dc into next dc, (ch 3 counts as first dc), *ch 2, dc3tog,* repeat ** ending last repeat with ch 2, dc into next dc, 1 dc into 3rd of beg skipped ch 3, turn


ROW 3: Ch 3, 3 dc in the ch 2 space between the last dc3tog and 2 dc of previous row, *3 dc into next ch 2 space,  repeat ** ending with 1 dc in top of 3rd ch of turning chain, turn.

ROW 4: Ch 4, (counts as 1 dc and 1 ch), *dc3tog in top of each 3 dc of previous row, ch 2,* repeat * across and end with ch 1, dc into top of ch 3 turning chain, turn.


ROW 5: Ch 3, 1 dc into dc (the base of the ch 3), 3 dc in next ch 2 space, repeat across ending with 2 dc into 3rd of ch 4, turn.

ROW 6: Ch 3, 1 dc into the next dc, *ch 2, dc3tog, repeat ** ending last repeat with dc into next dc, 1 dc into 3rd of ch 3, turn.

repeat rows 3-6 until you have a desired length of blanket.

Here are a few tips I realized while making this blanket that might be helpful to you.

Since each finished "triangle" (the dc that stack on each other) are nestled in between each other, you will notice that the number of them will be different each color change. For example, I did a small swatch to test the pattern and I ended up with 8 "triangles in one row, then 9 in the next, then back to 8 then back to 9. What I noticed are the rows that have 8 are also the rows where you have 2 dc and the end of the rows. The rows that had 9 "triangles" only had 1dc on the end.

I hope that makes sense to you and you can find success learning this pattern. Email me with questions you might have, and please feel free to tag me on instagram @daisyfarmcrafts or use #daisyfarmcrafts.

Oh the yarn! I almost forgot. I used one skein each of Caron Simply soft in White, lt blue, and peach it was just enough for my blanket that ended up measuring 34X34, using an "H" size hook. You might be different, have different tension and need a different size hook.

I did add a simple sc border around the whole blanket making sure I sc 3 into each corner.

Good luck!

With Love, Tiffany

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  1. What a beautiful Afghan Tiffany...thank you so much for sharing it..i will definitely be making this in the near future..x